To enroll at Golconda Job Corps, please contact an admissions counselor at
(800) 733-5627.

If you would like more information about Job Corps, visit the Job Corps Recruiting website and request an information packet.

Welcome from the Center Director


To check out or apply to join the Eagles CommUnity at the Golconda Job Corps Conservation Center in rural Southern Illinois, call the Center Director at 618-285-5210 or call 800-733-JOBS or 800-733-5627 (TTY 877-889-5627) and apply on-line at

Welcome to the Eagles CommUnity! I am Bob Coulson the Eagles Center Director.


Since 1965 (for over 50 years), we have been helping students and families soar high with the “life skills of success”…social skills, education, a driver’s license and the tech skills needed for a high-paying career.

We are a rural live-in work training program for youth and young adults, ages 16-24 who really want to succeed and need a chance to make their hopes and dreams real.  With about 60 staff, we support the safety and success of 187 students who are really focused on completing the full program in about nine months.  Some students take a longer time, others a shorter time and some go on to advanced training.  Upon completion of our program, we continue to work with you to support job placement in a career.

In our Eagles CommUnity we value “unity in our community” and each member (students and staff) are required to follow rules that provide safety 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for everyone.  Therefore, there is a “no violence or drugs policy” (zero tolerance) that requires immediate program discharge and law enforcement and maybe court.  To help prevent violence and drug issues we provide some medical, mental and behavioral health and counseling support services on-site and referrals for greater needs.   

Together, with mutual respect, we will educate, equip, empower and evaluate excellence in each other’s performance each day.  Upon completion and graduation, you are an Eagle alumni and member forever and invited to return and celebrate our Graduation and Alumni Day.  Live your dreams…fly like an Eagle!

In CommUnity...Bob


720-202-9345 Work Cell


303-517-1137 Personal Cell (Out of tower range service area while on the Center)


(618) 285-5210 Center Director Direct Line


(618) 285-6601 Administration


Forest Service email:


Dept of Labor email:


Work Mailing Address:

345 Job Corps Rd, Golconda, IL 62938


Home Mailing Address:

PO Box 892, Rosiclare, IL 62982


Temporary Living:

Paducha LaQuinta 270-443-4800 Room 425


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